How to tack the Power of Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting methodology in which a server is devoted to a single organization or for a single purpose, such as a website. This is in contrary to shared hosting, in which a server acts as a host to multiple clients. A dedicated hosting service is also referred to as a dedicated (dediziert) server and can be set up in-house or externally as a service from within a data center There are several dedicated server hosting service providers, those are delivering cheap dedicated server hosting to millions of clients through its ultra-modern Tier III compliant data centers located at the different geographical locations. By taking few deals from dedicated server hosting providers, they are expertise in managing and monitoring the performance of your powerful webserver 24×7, so you can easily focus on your business.

All managed dedicated servers also include

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

Purpose of Dedicated Server Hosting

Getting a business of the ground can often feel like a balancing act. You don’t want to handicap yourself by not investing enough into the business to ensure it runs successfully. Conversely, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you have too much overhead in relation to the value you’re actually getting from sinking so much money into your venture. This can happen at every level of your operation. Whether it’s having too many employees vs. too little or renting out huge office space, it’s important to be critical of what you’re paying for.

There are many options when it comes to hosting solutions and they’re all priced differently. They range all the way from a couple of dollars a month for shared hosting all the way up to having cheap managed dedicated servers for maximum performance. Everyone wants the latest, greatest, best, and fastest. It’s why people upgrade their smart phones every year. But, when it comes to running your business, the highest performance speeds come at a cost. If you’re running a static, informational site, a dedicated host is probably overkill when it comes to your needs.

If you are not convinced yet, here few reasonable facts for which you will definitely switch to dedicated webhost hosting

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

Advantage of Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

Server resources are not shared

When you are opting out for a dedicated hosting service vendor, you can get the complete stack of single server. They resolve the issues regarding other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. Opting for a dedicated host you can be assured regarding wrong scripts running on another website in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down.

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

Enhanced performance and security

Going for a dedicated hosting provider guarantees maximum uptime for your website. Shared hosting is often best for websites with low to medium traffic. If your website receives lot traffic, though, dedicated servers provide more stability and reliability than shared hosting.

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers


A dedicated server provides its client the flexibility of customizing the server to the clients’ unique needs for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. In-case of dedicated hosting, a customer is limited to the applications, software and operating environment already loaded on the server.

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

Unique IP address

Each server has its own unique IP address. With shared hosting, that means that you are also sharing an IP address with multiple other websites. If one of your neighbors is a spam site or an adult site, this could mean having your websites’ rank pushed down. With dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server, which means your own unique IP address. This is exclusively necessary if you are running an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

If a company needs a dedicated server, but doesn’t have the time or resources to manage a server themselves, dedicated hosting is a low-cost way to access the resources of a full server. A dedicated hosting server manages well that how to generate and maintain server equipment and mitigates the overhead for a business purchasing server space.

These benifits come with a cost, however. Shared hosting is the cheapest way for a business to run its website, and dedicated hosting is far more expensive in comparison. But sites that deal with a lot of traffic, or have strict needs for customization and security, may find that a powerful dedicated servers hosting provider is their best option.

What is fully managed dedicated server hosting?

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

When you’re done sharing and want your own server. A dedicated server provides you the most optimized access control and security. With your own server, there’ll be no more noisy neighbors disrupting your website performance. That’s what called as fully managed dedicated server. You’ll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your website. Secondly our fully managed dedicated hosting giants are well versed with maintenance and management of your site; hence you can focus on your business.

In fully managed dedicated server hosting, the host has onus to install the operating system, control panel, scripts and software as per the client’s requirement. The host also takes the responsibilities of managing and monitoring server, troubleshooting configuration issues and other such tasks.

Best & Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Service Providers:

When it comes to web hosting there are many levels of service available. Powerful dedicated servers are one of the most unique options and are great for sites that get a lot of traffic or have resource intensive sites hosted on them. Unlike other types of hosting, when you sign up with a dedicated server you will actually have a physical server that is dedicated only to your website or websites.

Go Dedicated

dedicated-server Powerful Dedicated Servers

If you are a small business with relatively simple hosting operations, then don’t ignore dedicated servers.  As we know well the pressure from customers to use the cloud is powerful, but that’s because they only see the marketing hype.

The reality is that a dedicated server, properly managed, will generally provide greater performance and reliability at lower costs than current cloud service options.